How And Why We Started

In the spring of  2018, I graduated from Kirkwood High School.  Although this was very exciting for me, my parents were a bit freaked out as to what I was going to do to keep myself busy.  With this in mind, my parents put together the 2 things I enjoyed doing the most...   

*   volunteering at Summit Produce at Kirkwood Farmers Market 

*   driving around in my parents car.

Thus, the concept of Waigand Wheels.  I began delivering fresh produce on July 9, 2018 and by the end of Summer, I made 119 deliveries to 52 different families!  Business grew organically and I made so many new friends within my Kirkwood community.  THANK YOU!

With your continued support, I am hoping by the summer of 2019, we will have

   *  several new individuals on staff making deliveries Monday-Fridays 

   *  2-3 cars working everyday

   *  and a lot more options to choose from

Our Mission

 To provide meaningful and productive volunteer opportunities and pre-employment training for individuals with developmental disabilities while serving our community with home delivery services.

How Do We Meet Our Mission???

Everyone needs a sense of purpose, and the feeling of accomplishment.  

We are in collaboration with the St. Louis Arc and Sunnyhills Inc (2 large not-for-profit organization that support individuals with disabilities). Individuals from these two amazing organizations, along with anyone who wishes to be a Wagoneer works with Waigand Wheels to make all  deliveries!  We hope to expand the delivering opportunities to additional retailers which would create opportunities for additional Wagoners.

Providing a valuable service to our Community.

Our Wagoneers want to give back to the community.  Our deliveries meet a need for your busy families by providing high quality produce from Summit Produce delivered to your door.  Waigand Wheels Delivery connects your desire to "buy local" while providing an opportunity for meaningful and product work to individuals with special needs.

Its a WIN - WIN!!

Delivery Fees and Tips

Delivery Fees

Our $4 delivery fee pays for our overhead costs.  (Insurance, the "Wagon Wheels", business supplies, etc...


All tips go back to the Wagoneers for social gatherings and events.  This gives Wagoneers additional opportunities to socialize within the community and make new friends.   

Our Goals

To increase the number of residents that we serve with home deliveries.

To increase the number of individuals making deliveries.

To increase the number of businesses from which we make deliveries.

To raise $20,000 by the end of the year to buy a second GEM delivery vehicle.

Delivering Monday,  Wednesday & Friday 10am - 12pm
Tuesday & Thursday after 3:00pm
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