Door to door: Local Delivery/Pick-up Options


We can help!  Here's how...

Hello Neighbors! 

Our Wagoneers are always looking for more opportunities to work and engage in our lovely community. Waigand Wheel's has partnered with several local businesses over the years, but we want to bring our delivery service directly to you all! 

If you are buying, selling, borrowing, sharing, gifting or receiving any items from our local swap and sell groups, you now have the option to have that item be delivered by a Waigand Wheels Wagoneer. Simply, click on the link below to provide us with the delivery information. We will provide next day pick-up and delivery on items under 20 pounds and within the Kirkwood School District. All items must be able to fit in a small trunk.  This will ensure our Wagoneers can successfully pick up, carry and get the item in the car. 


*we can do multiple items but each individual item must be under the 20 pound limit.*