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Delivering Purpose

Making a difference has never been more convenient

Our Work...

Waigand Wheels is committed to creating a more inclusive community by providing opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities to thrive. Our partnerships with local, mission driven businesses allow us to provide job training, volunteer, and social opportunities that give back to the community. Learn more about the work we are doing in our community today!

Our Goals...

Waigand Wheels Delivery is committed to expanding our programs and services to benefit more members of our community. We strive to provide experiences that create lasting change and empower those we serve. Check out what's in the works and see how we're making a positive impact in the lives of our Wagoneers.

Your Support...

When you support Waigand Wheels Delivery, you're making a real difference in the lives of the people we serve. Your donations help fund our community service initiatives, our training programs, and more social activities and excursions for each of our Wagoneers. We are committed to making a positive impact on the community and your support makes it all possible.


Our Journey...

While the Kirkwood High School Class of 2018 walked across the stage at Chafitz Arena, Lance Waigand was a few blocks away fighting for his life at St. Louis Children's Hospital. Daunted by the worst case scenarios, all his family could think about was Lance's future. On May 14th, Lance was released from the hospital. Days later he graduated in a small administrative room surrounded by cheering friends, family, and neighbors. As his family looked at the crowd of loved ones, they understood how significant Lance was to his community members.

 In 2018, Waigand Wheels was founded to provide meaningful and productive work for individuals with developmental disabilities. Recognizing the gap in opportunities that exist for these hardworking individuals, the Waigand family created a program that allows its participants to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment while serving their community with a sincere service and powerful mission. 

We strive to produce opportunities for individuals of all abilities to have a role in the communities in which they live. Waigand Wheels' emphasis on community engagement provides a platform for the world to see their tenacity and commitment. 


Our Wagoneers


Interested in joining our team?


“I am a person who is able bodied but to me it's a no brainer to support an organization that helps people with developmental delays to be active participants in our community too. We love seeing the Wagoneers that have grown up here do this awesome work."

Rob Monroe

Community Advocate

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