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We began five years ago with one person, Lance, whose passion for community involvement and hard work launched the Waigand Wheels program. Fast forward to today and we have created an innovative and scalable model with over 100 participants. We have developed a delivery program that allows individuals with a developmental disability to be supported while personally delivering goods for mission-driven enterprises within our locality. This not only nurtures a sense of purpose but also cultivates inclusivity, skills advancement, and active community involvement among our participants.

Presently, our efforts encompass various impactful initiatives. We promote sustainable farming by facilitating deliveries for Eckert’s and NuTerra Farms. Additionally, we address hunger issues by delivering goods for local food pantries, and we champion inclusive employment practices through collaborations with Pioneer Bakery and Smiley Face Cookie Company.

In our ongoing efforts to ensure the safety of our participants while they complete these valuable deliveries, we are seeking funding to purchase high-quality safety vests for 100 of our participants. These vests will serve a dual purpose – they will act as a visible identifier for our participants, showcasing their role as dedicated contributors to their community, and they will also enhance their personal safety as they navigate through various settings during their delivery activities.

Safety Vests

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