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6. Eckerts Farms

Our partnership with Eckert’s Farm enables our Wagoneers to deliver fresh, sustainably farmed produce and homemade items directly to families, fostering health, sustainability, and community connection through each delivery.

Waigand Wheels is thrilled to partner with Eckert’s Farm, a beacon of sustainable agriculture in St. Clair County since 1837. Eckert’s dedication to sustainable farming practices ensures that they cultivate the highest quality food, a legacy of nourishment and care for the community and its families. This partnership exemplifies a shared commitment to health, sustainability, and community support.

Every Thursday afternoon, our Wagoneers embark on a crucial mission at Eckert’s Farm. They collect fresh-picked produce and homemade items, a testament to the farm’s rich tradition of excellence and environmental stewardship. The following day, Friday, is when the magic of community service truly unfolds. Teams of Wagoneers diligently distribute these orders, delivering not just food but also freshness and joy directly to the doorsteps of each family. This personal touch adds a layer of warmth and connection to the act of nourishment, making each delivery special.

The work of our Wagoneers in this partnership is not just about logistics; it’s about weaving a tapestry of community, health, and sustainability. By delivering Eckert’s fresh and homemade products to families, they are bridging the gap between farm and table, ensuring that the community benefits from the freshest and most nutritious produce available. This initiative highlights the importance of local agriculture and supports Eckert’s Farm's mission to provide the best food possible while fostering a closer, healthier, and more sustainable community.

Our partnership with Eckert’s Farm, championed by the dedication of our Wagoneers, embodies the spirit of giving back and building a healthier future together. Through their hands-on efforts, they not only deliver nourishment but also reinforce the values of sustainability and community care that Waigand Wheels and Eckert’s Farm hold dear.

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