Yadi's Yummies Ordering Details...

A delivery charge of $4 will be added to your order. 

A copy of your PO will be provided to you with your order.  And a receipt will be emailed directly to you from Yadi's Yummies.

Orders placed by 1:00pm will be delivered on the next business day.  Orders placed AFTER 1:00pm will be delivered in 2 business days.   

Delivery Details for your Yadi's Yummies Order...

A Waigand Wheels "Wagoneer" will deliver your order directly to you in one of our awesomely fun GEM vehicles or their vehicle with a magnetic sticker on the side with the Waigand Wheels Logo.

Our Wagoneer will walk the order to your door.  If you are not home, we will leave your treats on your front porch. 


To help make sure your treat stays cool and safe from the outside elements, please leave a LARGE cooler on your front porch where our Wagoneers will place your order.  We also suggest you place ice packs in the cooler to help keep your item fresh.

If you have any questions or concerns, email me at lance@waigandwheels.com.

Thank you for your order!

Delivering Monday,  Wednesday & Friday 10am - 12pm
Tuesday & Thursday after 3:00pm
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