Yadi's Yummies

All Natural Homemade Treats for Both Dogs and Cats

Yadi's Yummies is the dream of Jessica Eisenbeis, a young woman born with Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome.  This condition affects Jessica's motor skills and her ability to learn.  After High school, Jessica quickly realized that it was hard to find employers who would accommodate her special needs.  But Jessica wanted to work!  In June 2016, with the support of her parents and Jessica's passion to help abused and neglected dogs, Yadi's Yummies was born.  Jessica makes natural and healthy treats for dogs.  Jessica intends to hire friends who have also been unable to find employment.  In June 2018, Jessica moved her production kitchen to a retail location in St. Peters, MO.  Dog Lovers and their fur babies can watch the treat production, browse our assortment of unique gifts or sit down and share a treat in our Canine Cafe  Stop in and say Hi!!!

Our Goal is to Deliver High Quality, Nurtitious Treats!

  • We use 100% all natural, human grade ingredients.

  • No artificial preservatives, chemicals or refined sugars are added.

  • No fillers or byproducts.

  • All our treats are independently tested and analyzed.

A portion of all proceeds are donated...

A portion of all proceeds are donated to a fund to help pay for expensive medical treatment of dogs in shelters. We named this fund after Annie, our Newfie, since she herself experienced several expensive but life saving surgeries and is a happy and healthy dog because of them. We realize dogs that have been abused and abandoned might not have access to necessary medical treatment due to the cost, so we set up Annie’s Fund as a way to help. Together we are making a difference!‚Äč

Delivering Monday,  Wednesday & Friday 10am - 12pm
Tuesday & Thursday after 3:00pm
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