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About Us:

Waigand Wheels is more than a delivery services; it is a courier of opportunity. Waigand Wheels operates within the community to make it more convenient than ever to make a difference. 

Waigand Wheels offers purposeful and productive opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities and provides a platform for our participants to feel engaged and appreciated within the communities that they live. 

Our partnerships with local, mission-driven businesses allows Waigand Wheels to support and highlight imperative pillars within the community we serve. 

As a result, every delivery ordered through Waigand Wheels helps create a more inclusive, considerate, and empowered community. 


Our Mission:

We strive to provide meaningful and productive volunteer opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities to stay engaged within their community while providing their neighbors with valuable deliveries. 

Our How:

We partner with local, mission driven businesses to bring the best and most meaningful products directly to you! 


Job Training

Waigand Wheels is dedicated to empowering individuals by offering meaningful job training opportunities. Our programs are crafted to equip participants with practical skills and hands-on experience, fostering a sense of purpose and inclusivity within our community. We customize our training sessions to address the varied needs of our community members, ensuring that each person has the chance to learn, grow, and thrive in a supportive environment.

Opportunities Include: 

  1. Deliveries for the Pioneer Bakery, NuTerra Farms, and Eckert's Farm.

  2. Stocking shelves at our Local Schnucks for the Smiley Face Cookie Co. 


Community Service

Waigand Wheels provides diverse community service opportunities that engage participants in meaningful activities benefiting their local area. Volunteers can contribute to various initiatives, enhancing community well-being while gaining skills, confidence, and a sense of civic responsibility. Each project is designed to strengthen community ties and promote personal growth, ensuring that every service opportunity has a profound impact.

Opportunities include: 

  1. Volunteering with the KirkCare Food Pantry 

  2. Growing fresh produce for our local food pantries in the Wagoneer Gardens


Social Events

Waigand Wheels hosts a variety of social events designed to foster connections among participants. These events are tailored to enhance social interaction and community engagement. By providing a fun and inclusive environment, these social events encourage camaraderie, networking, and the sharing of experiences, helping to build a supportive and vibrant community network.

Opportunities Include: 

  1. Monthly activities at the WW Hub

  2. Monthly social excursions within our community

  3. Monthly Family Networking nights at the WW Hub 

Our Programs

Meet the Team

Our Board Members


Michelle Bagwell

President & Executive Director of St. Louis Police Foundation


Jim Gamel

Owner, Gamel Company


Rich Waigand

Partner, SFW Partners LLC

board headshots-8.jpg

Vicky James

Chief Advancement Officer, Lafayette Industries


Bhavik Patel

Managing Partner, Sandberg Phoenix & von Gontard

Image 2-1-23 at 10.47 AM.heic

Theresa Waigand

Community Volunteer

Screenshot 2024-05-21 at 5.01.42 PM.png

Kent Heintz

Director, Commercial Banking BMO Harris Bank

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