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Questions? We have answers!

Do I need to be home when the delivery arrives?

No. If no-one is home, we will leave the item on the porch.

Note: It is not recommended for perishable items to be outside for an extended period of time. 

Our Wagoneers will text with an approximate time of delivery. If you are not home when your order arrives, our Wagoneers will leave the item on the porch and will leave you a voice message.

What if I have a problem with my order?

Please contact Waigand Wheels Delivery so we can get the issue resolved.

What are your hours of delivery?

Wagoneers can begin making deliveries at 8:00 am and will continue until all are delivered.  

I would love to volunteer, how do I get involved?

Easy!  You can email me at "".  Or, go to the "contact" page on this website and fill out your name, email address, cell phone number and type a simple message.  Be sure to click the "submit button" and we will be in touch.

Do you charge for delivery?

Pricing for delivery depends on the order.

Delivery fees are included in special promotional events. I.E. Valentines Day Deliveries, Mother and Father's Day Deliveries etc. 

For normal deliveries, delivery prices vary. 

Waigand Wheels also provides competitive pricing for its courier service. Call today to get a quote.

Do you accept tips?

Yes!  We are a 501 3c (not-for-profit organization).  Tips collected will go to group events for our Wagoneers along with our overhead costs that are incurred. 

You can provide tips in cash at the time of delivery, or you can leave a tip via the donation page on our website. 

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