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2. Place an Order

Use our delivery services!

2. Place an Order

Get some of the freshest, local products delivered right to your doorstep AND support a good cause. Here's how you can back Waigand Wheels Delivery while filling your kitchen and belly with quality products:

1. Meaty Thursdays with NuTerra Farms:
Place a weekly order for farm-raised meat from NuTerra Farms.
Set your calendar reminders to place your order by Wednesday afternoon and expect your delivery on Thursday!

2. Fresh Fridays with Eckerts Farm:
Farm freshness is just a click away.
Order products from Eckerts Farm by Thursday afternoon to be delivered every Friday.

3. Group Events & Boxed Lunches:
Got an event coming up? Maybe it's:
A company lunch
Board meeting
School event
Corporate gathering
Whatever the occasion, make it hassle-free with boxed lunches! Waigand Wheels Delivery can make your event tasty and convenient. 🥪🎉

So there you have it! Each time you order through these options, you're not only treating yourself but also supporting Waigand Wheels Delivery. Cheers to good food for a good cause! 🚚💙

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