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2. Smiley Face Cookie Co.

Our partnership with Smiley Face Cookie Co. magnifies our commitment to inclusivity, bringing delicious cookies and meaningful employment opportunities to the community through a united effort.

Waigand Wheels has proudly partnered with McArthur's Smiley Face Cookie Company, an inspiring enterprise that provides cookie decorating jobs to local adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This collaboration highlights our shared dedication to creating meaningful employment opportunities and fostering an inclusive community.

Since January 2018, our Wagoneers have been actively involved in collecting, delivering, organizing, and managing inventory of these irresistibly delicious cookies, initially reaching a select segment of the market. Our efforts have not only helped distribute these delightful treats but also supported the Smiley Face Cookie Company's mission to empower individuals through rewarding work.

In a significant expansion of our collaboration, starting August 1, 2023, Waigand Wheels extended their delivery services to all 77 participating Schnucks locations across the St. Louis, Missouri, and Illinois areas. This expansion not only signifies the success of our partnership but also broadens our impact, allowing more consumers to enjoy these amazing cookies while supporting an important cause.

Our partnership with McArthur's Smiley Face Cookie Company stands as a testament to what can be achieved when businesses come together to support the empowerment and inclusion of all community members, especially those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Through this collaboration, we are not just delivering cookies; we are spreading joy, fostering inclusion, and creating opportunities for meaningful employment.

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