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3. Wagoneer Gardens

The Wagoneer Gardens is a community service initiative, leveraging aeroponic technology to fight food insecurity while empowering individuals with special needs through education and volunteerism.

At Waigand Wheels, our participants, affectionately known as Wagoneers, are at the forefront of driving change and making a tangible difference in our community. Our commitment to sustainable solutions shines through our aeroponic gardens, which yield fresh, nutritious produce all year round to combat food insecurity. These innovative gardens showcase our dedication to eco-friendly practices and high-quality food production ALL of which is donated to our local food pantries.

The heart of our initiative extends beyond gardening; through educational programs and volunteer opportunities, the Wagoneers come together to cultivate and share our bounty. This collaboration not only enriches our community with fresh produce but also fosters a profound sense of unity and empowerment among our participants. By involving Wagoneers in every step of the process, from cultivation to distribution, we emphasize the importance of teamwork, learning, and community service.

As we continue to nurture our gardens, we are also nurturing a stronger, more inclusive future. The Wagoneers are essential to this vision, embodying the spirit of innovation, compassion, and community engagement that drives Waigand Wheels. Together, we are not just planting seeds in the soil; we are sowing the seeds of hope, inclusivity, and sustainability for generations to come.

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