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4. KirkCare Food Pantry

Our partnership with KirkCare Food Pantry allows our Wagoneers to directly combat hunger and poverty, delivering food and hope to families in need within the Kirkwood community.

The collaboration between Waigand Wheels and KirkCare Food Pantry shines a spotlight on the remarkable contributions of our Wagoneers, who have a deep desire to make a difference in their community. These dedicated individuals carefully select, bag, and personally deliver food directly to the doorsteps of families in need within the Kirkwood R-7 school district, making approximately 10 such deliveries each week. This act of service goes beyond mere food distribution; it embodies a deeply personal touch of care, compassion, and connection to those we serve.

Our Wagoneers are more than volunteers; they are agents of change, bridging the gap between compassion and action. Their involvement in this initiative not only helps alleviate hunger in our community but also strengthens the bonds within it, creating a ripple effect of kindness and support. Through their hands-on work with KirkCare Food Pantry, our Wagoneers demonstrate the profound impact that dedicated individuals can have on tackling pressing community issues like hunger and poverty.

This partnership, fueled by the efforts of our Wagoneers, is a testament to the power of collaborative action and the shared vision of a world where no one goes hungry. Their work not only feeds bodies but also nourishes souls, leaving a lasting imprint on the hearts of those they help and the community at large.

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