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5. NuTerra Farms

Our partnership with NuTerra Farms empowers our Wagoneers to deliver fresh, sustainable, and locally-grown food, from meats to tropical fruits, directly to the community, fostering a healthier lifestyle and a stronger sense of unity and purpose.

Waigand Wheels proudly partners with NuTerra Farms, an innovative agricultural endeavor committed to enhancing the well-being of our community through sustainable and nutritious locally-grown food. From farm-raised catfish to an array of tropical fruits nurtured in geothermal greenhouses, NuTerra Farms offers a year-round bounty of affordable, wholesome food options. This collaboration aligns perfectly with our mission to support local, sustainable agriculture and ensure access to healthy food for all community members.

Our Wagoneers play a pivotal role in this partnership, taking on the responsibility of picking up freshly processed meats and other food items from NuTerra Farms. These deliveries are not just about transporting goods; they are a lifeline to customers in our community, bringing them closer to the source of their food with every delivery. For our Wagoneers, this task is more than a duty—it is an opportunity to foster a deep sense of purpose and belonging. Each delivery is a tangible expression of care and community support, bridging the gap between local farmers and consumers.

Through this partnership with NuTerra Farms, Waigand Wheels is not only facilitating access to fresh, sustainable food but also empowering our participants. They become ambassadors of a healthier lifestyle and sustainable practices, contributing to a stronger, more connected community. This initiative highlights the importance of local agriculture and the positive impact of thoughtful, direct action in addressing food security and promoting well-being among community members.

By working together, Waigand Wheels and NuTerra Farms are sowing seeds of change, nourishment, and unity, demonstrating the powerful synergy between sustainable farming and community service.

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