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7. Tower Gardens

Our partnership with Tower Gardens enables us to grow and deliver organic, pesticide-free produce to those in need, while offering the community a chance to support our mission and their own health by purchasing their own garden systems.

Waigand Wheels is proud to cultivate change and nurture health within our community through our partnership with Tower Gardens. With 8 Tower Gardens, we are committed to growing organic, pesticide-free produce that we lovingly hand-deliver to those in our community facing food insecurity. This initiative underscores our belief that access to fresh, wholesome food is a cornerstone of good health and a thriving community.

Tower Garden systems revolutionize the way we grow food, allowing for the cultivation of fresh, nutrient-rich produce without soil, and can be utilized both indoors and outdoors, ensuring year-round access to healthy food. This innovative method not only promotes good health through better eating habits but also aligns with sustainable agricultural practices.

By choosing to purchase your own Tower Garden through Waigand Wheels, you are embarking on a journey towards healthier living by growing your own produce right at home. More than that, you are playing a vital role in supporting our mission. All proceeds from the sale of Tower Gardens go directly towards our initiatives to distribute fresh produce to those in need within our community. It's a meaningful way to enhance your own health while contributing to the well-being of others, truly embodying the spirit of community support and shared prosperity.

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