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2. Place an Order

Get some of the freshest, local products delivered right to your doorstep AND support a good cause. Here's how you can back Waigand Wheels Delivery while filling your kitchen and belly with quality products:

Meaty Thursdays with NuTerra Farms:

Place a weekly order for farm-raised meat from NuTerra Farms. Set your calendar reminders to place your order by Wednesday afternoon and expect your delivery on Thursday!

Fresh Fridays with Eckerts Farm:

Farm freshness is just a click away. Order products from Eckerts Farm by Thursday afternoon to be delivered every Friday.

Group Events & Boxed Lunches:

Got an event coming up? Maybe it's:

  • A company lunch

  • Board meeting

  • School event

  • Party

  • Picnic

  • Corporate gathering

Whatever the occasion, make it hassle-free with boxed lunches! Waigand Wheels Delivery can make your event tasty and convenient.

So there you have it! Each time you order through these options, you're not only treating yourself but also supporting Waigand Wheels Delivery. Cheers to good food for a good cause! 🚚💙

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